Once you got hot...you never go back!


Self care is high up on my list of priorities these days but it wasn't always the case.  However my most favourite self care exercise has always been the massage.  I...like most, probably carry the worlds stresses, tensions and worry in their back, neck and shoulders but an epidural and a car crash has also cemented the ache that is back ache in my life.  So whenever I have the opportunity a massage is always a must do for me. 

I have had the most glorious of treatments pretty much all over the world, in any spa I can get in to but I have never opted for a hot stone massage.  If i'm honest I have always thought the hot stone version was a bit namby-pamby (scottish terminology for lacking energy, strength, or courage; weak or ineffectual) BUT I was wrong....well I was wrong about Lyndsey from Laromatherapys hot stone massage.

So...all the proper information I got from Lyndsey goes as follows, "The Hot Stones themselves are basalt volcanic rock that are warmed using hot water and they retain the heat very well.  I use a mixture of hand and stone massage.  The heat of the stones opens the muscles allowing for a deeper more intense massage.  In between the toes I place smaller stones and wrap the feet, providing 'cosy toes'" 

All of this I can vouch for 100%, I don't think I have had such an intense but at the same time completely relaxing massage before.  And if this wasn't enough pampering for one day, Lyndsey also treated me to a very relaxing facial to finish off.  She doesn't use a certain brand of products but instead blends her own bespoke facial treatments from essential oils.  For me, we decided on an orange blossom floral water, a kaolin clay mask with juniper-berry and neroli oil which detoxes the skin, removes excess oil, regenerates skin cells and leaves you skin glowing and this was all finished off with a facial massage to promote blood flow.  Two hours of sheer bliss, I emerged into the Tuesday afternoon sun like a new born babe.

With any beauty or hair treatments I think the surroundings need to be right too....nobody wants to strip down in a dark, dank treatment room now do they?  Lyndsey is situated in the beautiful 132 West Regent Street, which is a full town house packed with the #self-care seekers dream.  From Lyndsey at Laromatherpy to make-up artists, hairstylists and aestheticians...you could spend the whole day in there and come out a completley new women.  Something that is now firmly on my to-do list.

It is also perfectly situated in an area of town that is easily accessible, has plenty of car parking options and has Kcal Kitchen directly underneath...happy days.  I also hear on the grape-vine that Laromatherapy plans to offer some after work specials, so nip over to Lyndsey's website here and join her mailing list to be kept up to date.

So do yourself a favour and go and put yourself first for a change and allow Laromatherpy to melt away the stresses....for one hour at least.

Lyndsey at Laromatherpy is kindly offering us 20% off all treatments until the 31st October 2017, just quote 'The Youthful Edit' when booking.

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